Super Comfies


Over Easter the Cafeteria has been sneakily fitted with ALL THE SOFAS!!!

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New LARP, New Costume (What can I knit??)

I’m thinking about a new event. Namely Empire, a festival style Live Action Roleplay which welcomes families and sets a high standard of costume for it’s players and itself. It’s a fun challenge I really want to get my teeth stuck into and I’m really excited, so I’ve been Pinteresting and sketching some ideas :)

I love this long and flowy style thats potentially Brass Coast, which had lovely features but is still cut in a slightly western style. Link to the Etsy page

I like the look of a Nation called “Brass Coast”, It’s pseudo Arabic in style but with specific game world twists, though it is very similar in ethic to another group I have played before, and I really want a change. In honesty, I think no matter what I do I’ll have fun, so I’m going to try not to over think it too much. One thing I struggle with with costume, is Knit/Crochet elements. I am a knit fiend, and want to incorporate into all my costume somewhere, but where? Even though the technique is thousands of years old, many modern designs simply look too modern for a Period RP context. Shawls are great, as well as trims, bags and gloves, I also like some socks (Though I have a bit of a love hate relationship with socks). I’ve found some lovely patterns of ravelry, but i’m not 100% sure how right they are yet.

I love this jacket as a kind of Surcoat, but think it might be batter for a man (Also sadly the pattern does not come in my size but thats possible to remedy)

I love this jacket as a kind of Surcoat, but think it might be batter for a man (Also sadly the pattern does not come in my size but thats possible to remedy)

These Gloves are a free pattern on Knitty and only use 50g of 4-ply. Perfect as a delicate hand covering delicate lady (lolz)


Queen of the Underworld by the incredibly talented Magdalena Kubatek

Queen of the Underworld by the incredibly talented Magdalena Kubatek

I’ve got a lot more thinking to do, first and foremost deciding what I’m playing, and also deciding if I really want to put so much effort into one character for my first event (Living dangerously incase my character dies ;) ). Back to the drawing board for ideas :)

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Babies first proper pattern drafting

Working on bobble

I feel like I have been drafting this pattern forever. No time to be sad though, knitting it up starts today!

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‘Plain’ Triangular Shawl


I picked up this schoppel Wolle Lace Ball for half price at a closing down sale. It’s so crazy bright I wanted to keep the garment plain so I’ve stuck to the most basic of basic triangular shawl constructions with no extras. My very first knit project was a chunky shawl of similar construction and it recently went missing on a night out :( so this is my kind of replacement. I’m planning a stretchy bind off to finish for this project, which I think I’m going to finish in the next few days, but I might put off blocking it until my new blocking wires arrive :)

The yarn itself is really lovely. I’ve previously been very wary of single ply yarns and might not have touched a lace weight for fear it would just fall apart or fuzz too much, but the halo on this yarn is very delicate in comparison with even plied yarns. The colours are magnificent, and though my stripes vary (mostly because if the increases), it works very well. It’s also very warm, and though it might flatten more in blocking, I quite like the curly, cuddly aspect to the fabric, it’s incredibly tactile without it getting up your nose like softer fibres do sometimes.

I’m still looking out for the Schoppel Wolle Zauberball sock weight for a Daybreak by Stephen West. In particular I want the Tropical Fish colour way, as I LOVE this project by Redpepperquilts.


Maybe that’s too much rainbow, but I have so many neutrals around me at the moment I think I’m craving colour.


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Massive Apologies!

Massive Apologies!

I have been horribly absent of late. Let me apologise with my final designs for our group project. End of the second year beckons!

More pics to keep you updated soon xXx

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Old socks, new socks


I’m making my second pair of socks at the moment (for the OH without a pattern) and this blog post has summed up what I was looking for in a simple toe up mans sock and couldn’t quite put my finger on in three days of web searching. Shame I didn’t find it sooner, as my heel doesn’t have a flap, and I’ve nearly finished the first sock, but I’m now excited to start the next pair :)

Originally posted on knit the hell out:

My oldest UFO finally has a finished status! These socks are for Matt. The yarn is Opal Sport in color 5103. Sadly, the yarn is discontinued.matt socks-4

It’s about 40% synthetic, which is not the most fun to knit, but I know they’ll last a decade or so. They’re also supposed to help keep the feet at a comfortable temperature, but I’m pretty sure wool has that function anyway. They were steeply discounted at Webs a couple of falls ago, so I decided to give the yarn a try.

As soon as I got them off of the needles on Tuesday night and wove in the ends, Matt slid them on his feet with the greatest satisfaction. He told me that the first time you put on a pair of hand knit socks is always the best. I adore his unbridled excitement for hand knit socks.matt socks-5

This isn’t any particular pattern…

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Local Adventures in Ceramics.

I’m working on another project for the next term, and I am to be inspired by the great works of Grayson Perry. He’s a modern british artist of renown and won the Turner prize in 2003, which I actually remember watching on the television. It was probably my first experience with Fine Art, and certainly sparked something, not least because of what he wore!

Anyway, I like to look at materials when I am working on a project, and though I plan to visit London next weekend for more primary research, Plymouth Museum has an excellent collection of Ceramics which I took small to take a look at.



This is a Barbers bowl from London in The early to mid 1700′s. The illustrations on it are just lovely, and something I have really noticed with Grayson Perry’s work is the illustrative nature of it, and the real sense of narrative, that often seems to come from a very Dark place. Using that kind of imagery on a day-to day object like a vase is unobtrusive but meaningful, in a way most can access.







Again, I particularly like these pieces from Holland for their unobtrusive nature, and dainty imagery. I imagine this was not seen as Kitsch in it’s day, as we think of it as purely a modern invention, in fact created by the mass-manufacture of objects such as these. It’s hard though, after visiting a few ancient stately homes, to imagine this being displayed in such an opulent space such as a Bristish Royal’s home.





Stoneware is heavier and different in colour to other Ceramic. and is common in chinese artefacts, being more decorative than decorated, as you can sort-of see from the image (This peice was in a bit of a dark corner). Still a lot of potential, possibly for creating 3-D forms and integrating them into a garment. We do, after all have the facilities at the college, I might be able to use them.


The Bristol Factory of Ceramics actually originally resided in Plymouth, though only for a matter of months.

Plymouth Museum is really a fantastic place, I also very much enjoyed the Women in Art Exhibition, where, unfortunately, no photography was allowed. Believe me though it was worth the (albiet short) trip into town.

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