So I made that. Small asked me to make a pirate costume for him and this is the hat bit. I am pretty determined to make all of it. Might have trouble with the boots though. Oh, and he needs it for Friday. Don’t worry though, I have cut most of the pattern for the coat, and the shirt and trousers will be super easy. 🙂


Bowl of dye.


Super large knitted… Erm… Bag.


Super large Knitted bag in bowl. Soaked in above bowl of dye for approx 2 hours, stuck on a boil wash for same et voila! Awesome hat.

Actually I needed to beat, stretch and pin the living day lights out of said hat to get in the right shape, plus I’ll be embellishing later with feather and stuff of course. But pretty much, yeah. Et voila!

I have some exciting other costume based things in the pipeline at the mo, but we shall see where that goes…

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