So, it’s been a while, but fret not, I have been VERY busy this summer. I decided a while ago that after working so hard this year I was going to take some time to myself during August, and really, I have gotten a lot done and had a wonderful time while I’ve been doing it. I’ve taught myself to spin! On a spindle I made, which is awful, but there is fibre becoming yarn, and I am already fantasising about dying it!


I also spent quite a lot of time organising my stash, and wip’s so that I would have less chaos come the beginning of the year, and I have updated my Rav account accordingly

My account is here!

My favourite thing I have done this summer is work on a film, with some really awesome people, if you would like to take a look… I made the red hooded dress the ‘heroine’ wears, and it turned out really well I thought! I also got to be there for some of the filming, which was very interesting and something I hadn’t done before, learning new things all the time. Met some incredibly multi talented people; fashion isn’t the only thing where you need to have a wide range of skills!

I have also been piecework knitting for the fabulous Ruth and Belinda this summer, who have just designed an exclusive pattern for Knitting Magazine. I got a sneak peek and it looks fabulous and everyone should check it out. Knitting for them has been utter lushness, as their yarns are so lovely.


There’s been quite a lot of slacking too, in truth, like visiting to Hoe and eating Fish and Chips, going to see The Princess Bride at the cinema with the Little Man (research purposes of course). We’ve been to some National Trust places too with family which was lovely, and I’ll post about it another time with more pictures. Little man is back at school next week *sob* so we have a lot planned for the rest of the weekend. Mount Edgcumbe for a nice day, Dartmoor Zoo, the local Soft Play centre and swimming are in store, but not before I visit The Cornwall Yarn shop in Launceston for my birthday tomorrow!

Wish me Luck!

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