Antler Cardigan


The “Antler” cardigan from Tin Can Knits, was tremendous fun as well as relaxing as anything to knit. No problems from start to finish, and it used all of four and a bit balls of Rowan Pure Wool Aran, of which I have WAY too much after purchasing around 20 in last years Christmas sales. I made it in size 8-10 years, but the pattern goes all the way up to adult sizes, and way down to infant sizes, and I think it’s a lovely addition to any wardrobe.


As with pretty much everything I make that isn’t iced or dragon related, Jake was fairly unimpressed, though having said that he is still wandering around with it on, so maybe he does like it after all!


Following up from last post I thought I would show you this…


…This small, understated swatch (bearing in mind I HATE swatching like most people) is quite possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Because I spun, and then plied the yarn for it myself. There is no stitch definition and the phrase ‘Thick and Thin’ has never been so abused. But it’s mine, and I made it, and I think I’m in love…


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