Back to School

So, it’s the first week back to school (not for me for little one) and the week has been a bit crazy. Surprise visits from friends, which is always nice. Finishing and packaging up the cartloads of knitting I finished for Ruth & Belinda. Check out their gorgeous yarns and patterns: Here, their stuff is so yummy. Hope you have a skein winder though ;).

I’ve been spinning again… Let me explain. Last week I went to see some family in Launceston. They aren’t from Launceston, but it’s a half-way point between where I live and where my mum lives… Anyway, we had a lovely day and I ended up visiting a gorgeous store called The Cornwall Yarn Shop, which is WELL worth a visit, has a gorgeous selection yarns to suit most budgets and/or fantasies, buttons and knitting paraphernalia galore, and as it was my birthday I treated myself.


These are, from left to right, Fiberspates Scrumptious Lace in Cherry, Artesano Hummingbird 100% alpaca and 2 skeins of Manos Lace (Baby Alpaca, Silk and Cashmere). I was at a loss as to whether catching the bus on time was more or less important than staying in the shop. Anyway… Whilst we were there, my mum spotted a shawl she loved, and I have agreed to make it for here for Christmas.


It’s the Flamenco by Anniken Allis, pattern available on Ravelry

So, I’m now on the search for the right colours, which is tricky. I bought four balls of regia, which I then decided wasn’t quite right, and now I am trying to spin my own. Which I am aware is a bad idea but I do love the colours so far


I got the tops from a fair a few months ago, but was planning on felting with it until I discovered spinning. I am also planning on experimenting with these:


Scrummy colour ways from etsy store Justadaydream. So I have got plenty to get on with before the lace show next week. 😉


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