20’s Pattern Trouble

So, there’s a good chance I am heading off to a lovely LARP in November run by a dear friend, who might just be the creepiest man on the planet, in all the right ways; but is also one of the smartest. It has a late twenties, early thirties theme, and I am going a bit mental wondering what to bring/make for the occasion. I am NOT the body type for a flapper, so that one is out, but I am thinking of going more progressivist. Think massive Oxford bags, tights and shirt dresses, cocoon coats. I really want to knit something, and this caught my eye, as it looks so contemporary:


It smacks of 80’s wild intarsia, but it’s actually Elsa Shiaperelli, circa 1927 (image found, in the V+A online gallery), reminiscent of the fabulous shawl collar shirts that were so popular in the day. Whilst I was thinking about knitting I also remembered this : Regina Pattern


I hate wearing hats, and dislike knitting them even more, but. This. Is. Gorgeous. I know I am going to cave regardless, but I have something on the pins I need to finish before I start, even if I end up gifting it (only if it does suit me of course).

I think accessorising is going to be key for this style, as much as I’d love to wear Bermuda shorts, I’m not sure my leg tattoo is in keeping with the period.


This on the other hand is MUCH more my style:


Late twenties image; they essentially look like they’ve thrown on everything in their wardrobes in order to stay warm, but still look so fab! Something I never quite manage to achieve. The lady on the left is even wearing soldiers braces as a belt! Anyway, must get off as I got exactly no sleep last night and I need to catnap to try catch up.


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