I’m Dying :D

I might have mentioned a little while back that in exchange for some knitting, the lovely ‘Ruth and Belinda’ were going to send me lots of yummy yarn. Well they did, and it’s been sitting in a project back for a little while waiting for me to decide what to do with it. Well the thing is its pretty much all this colour.


Pardon my son eating his dinner, though I can’t fault his enthusiasm.

Now… I love these yarns, a lot. They feel amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed knitting with them, but I LOVE colour, so getting a whole bunch of undyed skeins of beautiful yarns is like saying “please come play with bright chemicals on us!”. So I did. I kind of cheated and used Dylon sachets, which are quite expensive and not particularly good for small batches, but easy to use. I’ve had some bad experiences with them, and this was ok, but I think I might be booking out the dye lab when I’m back at college, as there will be. So much more experimenting I can do. I’ll be working on some colour schemes in the meantime though but he’s what I got so far.


The colours I used were ‘antique grey’, ‘intense violet’ and ‘burlesque red’. I love them all but the latter two are quite similar unfortunately. I say unfortunately as I actually had a plan for these ones. I’m signed up to the Colour CravingMystery Shawl KAL by Stephen West, and I wanted more of a purple pink and grey arrangement like this:


Anyway, it’s pretty moist here so they still aren’t dry yet, plus I also discovered the wpi is out by five and i was starting to panic but someone on the KAL thread suggested I knit a swatch before I get totally disheartened. So, I’m going to make a colour blending swatch, just as soon as the yarn is dry and wound. Oh, and I think next time, I want to add some wool soap/softener to a bath on the last rinse, as every time I have dried yarn it has had an odd smell…

You may have noticed this book in the first pic…


I have been reading this to give me some ideas, and it’s really very good, tempting to believe it could really be so lovely and enjoyable to start your own business, and maybe it would be, but I’m trying to keep my head too far out of the clouds for now.


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