Right, been a bit busy this week,  but gettin’ back to it. First I want to share this pattern

I follow ‘You and Mie’ and her post about this Oliver + S Art Museum Pattern set has inspired me to give it a go. I love making little-un wear waistcoats, but with the exception of costume for events, I’m a little lax at actually getting around to it. Here’s the link to the pattern. I’m always a bit wary about buying patterns online, but I’ve read some fab reviews, and in PDF format, a children’s pattern isn’t going to do my ink levels too much damage (hopefully).

There’s been some happenings in my fibre world. The spinning is going slowly; I remember when I started hand knitting that I got such sore hands, it made me sad because I was so excited about learning. Well unfortunately the same thing is happening with the spinning; but it’s my back too, and I’ve had to restrict myself from spending too much time sat awkwardly to spin. I’ve decided to save up and do more hand spinning, before trying to find a wheel I love, and doing a bit more research on the right wheel for me and my needs, but it might be a while yet, as the OH is insistent that we can’t actually fit a spinning wheel in the house *sigh*.

In particular I have been working on these wip’s this week, and hoping to get the smaller ones finished before the end of the weekend. The first (and quickest so far) has been these:

Small has very bad eczema, and for the past year it has affected his feet very badly. Over the summer it appeared to have disappeared, however with the return of school, clunky school shoes and grey polyester socks, as opposed to the cotton canvas deck shoes, bare footsies and slip-ons of the summer; it seems to have come back with a vengeance. In a desperate attempt to help, I did some research, and found that silk or merino blend socks can help, and so can sapping away the sweat somehow. I asked my doctor if knitting his own socks from these fibres would help and she agreed, so here are my little anklet socks, from my own kind of make-shift pattern for my little boy’s very sensitive feet. The only trouble is I’m terrible at knitting socks (though he’s tried the finished one on and they fit great thank goodness) and I’m churning them out so slowly. But the yardage on these balls (Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK) should mean I get about three and a half pairs out of them so there should be enough to be going on with when I’m done. I also have some gorgeous steely silk sock yarn from Oliver Twists who were at the Stitch Show in the NEC last year. Not badly priced and 100% silk, I’ve kind of been dying to give it a go to be honest, but 4ply socks still scare me a bit and I’ve heard silk can be very unforgiving.

When I’m not busy with these I’ve been working on some bits and pieces for other things. I decided against using the yarns I dyed a while back for the Stephen West MKAL. to be honest, I love Stephen Wests Designs, but I’m glad I’m sitting this one out now as I don’t want to stress myself on deadlines too much with my other projects. I finally started a Pop Spots, and I am using the yarn I was going to use for that. It’s pretty fine, and I like the super light tweedy feel to the fabric, I’m so pleased with it, and it’s a super nice project to take out and about too as its a bit different. i got asked about it on the bus the other day, and had a lovely chat as a result. The decision on size is not yet made, it depends how much yarn I have left when I get to the point where I have to decide.

I am also making these for a friend as a bit of fun and cheeryness when I have time in between other things. 

That’s not all, but that’s enough for now, or else I fear I may give away too much of my obsession. It’s pretty bad ok? Shall we leave it at that?

Some of the things I’m pretty excited about coming up are; Halloween and Christmas swaps! Starting to design my own patterns! Dying and selling my yarn! (Yes I decided I was going to give it a try :D) Now I’d better go finish those socks. Ciao!


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2 Responses to ALL THE WIPS!

  1. I love the pink, purple, and white project. The color work is gorgeous! Just checking in from So Many Books, So Little Time. Annie40

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