My new favourite thing about Top-Down Knitting

About a year ago, I did the Magical MKAL on Ravelry. I didn’t realise it at the time, but you are supposed to interact with people on a KAL, and I missed out on all that which I kinda regret. Apparently you are supposed to interact with people in real life, too but heh… Anyway, I am now doing another KAL, and failing miserably to get involved in this one too, which is a shame, but lots of people seem to be able to post pics and apparently I can’t. Sad Panda is Me. But anyway: here is what I’ve done.


And then again, a few day later…


As you can see, there is pooling, but I have to admit I quite like it. For a children’s jumper I think it’s fun and different. Also it looks a bit like tiger stripes which Small One will love. I don’t know if you recognise it, but the pattern is Ninja 8Tofu’s Little Spare Time. There’s an adult version too, and it’s really lovely looking already. I split for the pockets last night which was pretty exciting as I’ve never done pockets!

As for the MKAL from last year, I frogged it this weekend. Sad but true. It has seen a reasonable amount of wear, but it’s simply too small, and after a short lived attempt to lengthen it, Small One told me it was too tight also and when I asked him if he would like it making in to something else he asked for a blanket. So I frogged the whole thing, which was nice an easy for a top down, and I’ve never made a blanket so i think it should be fun! I’m kind of making it up as I go along, based on a shawl I saw once, with some colour, and in a whole square not just a triangle. I can’t get over how curly my yarn was when I frogged it. It’s been washed and dried now, so less like Afro yarn. Here it is drying:


Along with a sock from a previous post and a towel apparently. It’s Rowan Tweed in ‘Reeth’ which is a gorgeous felted roving base in greeny brown with random flecks of red, yellow, and bright green. I absolutely loved knitting with it, and am almost glad to get the chance to do so again!

I managed to finish two pairs of socks from my post before, though the doctor has since told me cotton actually might be better for Small Ones extremely sensitive feet. They are nice though, and he seems to like them. That’s Small One, not the doctor. Our doctor is a woman and I think knitting her socks would be strange.


Also, I am back at college, yay! I’m already feeling much more productive though our timetables and such are not finalised yet. In a way, I feel like I have more downtime now, than during the summer, but I guess as mum, I feel constantly ‘on-call’, and if anything, using my brain at college is a welcome break. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a parent, and think its the best thing I do, but I know from experience that having something for yourself makes you a better parent, and I think once college is over I’m going to have to find another way of separating them out.

P.s. Depending on when my yarn gets delivered, I’m going to let you know about my next big project. It might be to do with 30 days 😉

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