So Tired I’m Sleeping

Today i would like to talk a bit about myself. I like reading blogs that are super informative, but I also like to see a bit about the person writing them too, so I’d like to tell you a bit about my day, and tomorrow I’m going to write about some things people have been asking me a LOT recently. Mainly to cover up the fact that I had some super disasters today that make me sad, but I still want to post.

Small One is sick. Or was, about 24 hours ago before waking up happy and chirpy and delightful. I, having had no sleep, was NOT happy and chirpy and delightful. I did the mum stuff (made breakfast, walked dog, rang school), then did the student stuff (emailed lecturers to apologise and ask for work), then settled in with small one to do some work while he snoozed. Except happy, chirpy delightful boys do not snooze, or at least this one doesn’t. They climb on furniture, play with the dog, and make it generally impossible to work (another reason to support giving teachers ANYTHING they want).


So I tried to get some knitting done, and gave him some too. I have a less is more approach to teaching him to knit and its working well. We’ve done about six sessions of ten minutes in the past six months and the row he did today was ridiculously neat in comparison to my first attempt. By comparison, I spend nearly four hours doing a bottom up shawl cast-on for a swap, and had to frog it after TWO ROUNDS!

So yeah, today was unproductive day. I got some swap shopping done in the afternoon, and this evening I’ve been stuck in research mode, plus I’ve started and almost finished the stockinette section of Ginkgo Crescent by Jade Keaney.


It’s a crescent variation of the Ginkgo Shoulderette Shawl which has a triangular construction, but I love the organic look of the lace border, which is broader than most. I’m working mine in Rowan Fine Art in Lapwing, though I’m worried its a bit dark for its recipient. I briefly considered adding beads, but then I remembered I’m not cra… Wait….

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