Extended Swap Questionnaire


I’m doing some Christmas Swaps on Ravelry, and have been asked to ‘flesh out’ some of my answers. It’s interesting the things people would like to know, but here it is! My Extended Swap Questionnaire. Sorry for the length.

**what are your favourite/least favourite holiday season/any day of the week colour(s)?**

This one comes up a lot, and I worry cos I’m pretty sure I answer it differently every time :/ I love a lot of colours, though there are colours I like less. I DON’T like Neon, as in highlighter colours. No yellows brighter than mustard please and best steer clear of anything too orange. I do wear all kinds though; muted tones suit me best, dusky pinks, and burgundy, blues, creams and browns, pastels in small amounts. I love red but I never seem to wear it. Same for purple and emerald green. As for Christmassy colours, I’m pretty traditional, lots of red, green, gold silver and icy blues.

**what is your favourite/least favourite weight, blend etc. of yarn?**

I don’t have a favourite, but I really like natural fibres, like Wool, Silk, Alpaca, sometimes cotton, and I once knitted a shawl with bamboo that was gorgeous; varied weights, nothing too chunky though. I’d say aran is about my limit, and though I love lace-weights, I only use them for really special things that take me forever to work on 😉

**what do you like to do, other than play with yarn?**

I’m studying for a degree in Fashion at Plymouth College of Art, I like history of Costume and Fashion, Illustration, Graphic Novels and Fantasy Literature. I’ve recently enjoyed Hannibal, Game of Thrones (which I am reading as well, I’m on book 3), Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey and Dexter. I don’t watch television much though, and its mostly just background noise for when I’m knitting. My son and I watch films mostly, we like ‘the good stuff’ as I like to call it, like Disney/pixar and Studio Ghibli. We look after our animals, of which there are two cats, one very elderly (mine since I was six) and one very not (we rescued her from the sister of a neighbour who moved to Edinburgh without her animals Grrr). There is also a Pomeranian, who was born to be a show dog, but has what the breeders called a fault (and I call a ridiculous grin), and could only be used for breeding in case it wasn’t hereditary. She now lives a very comfortable life with us when she isn’t being bullied by the cats. There isn’t much I don’t do regarding fibre, from fabric to yarn. I read when I have the time, but I’m quite picky. I also Larp and Table-top role-play when I have the time.

**do you collect anything?**

Books, Graphic Novels, Buttons, good quality fabric scraps and trimmings, Things I can use for/to make into costume. Yarn and notions.

**anything else you’d like your swap partner to know about you?**

I think you are awesome?

**In your preferred yarn weight, what are some of your favorite brands/companies and what are some you would love to try but have not?**

People RAVE about Malabrigo and Madelinetosh, and I have never tried it, as I have no access to it, but its super expensive so that’s a bit of a pipe dream. Indie-Dyes, If you’re based in the US I would LOVE anything from Verdant Gryphon’s (Psst Candy Mountain) but again, pricey.

**What type of gifts do you love for holidays and birthdays?**

one of my favourite gifts ever was one year we were quite skint she bought a knitting bag and spend the year adding bits and pieces to it, some silk thread here, a pack of buttons there, a set of vintage knitting needles from the charity shop, etc. There was a pattern book and a big 400g ball of wool acrylic as well as all the other goodies, and it was wonderful. I used the silk thread and beads to make stitch markers, and I still have the jumper I made from the yarn. It was wonderfully put together. My friends and family complain I am difficult to buy for but its because I never ask for anything, if I want something I’ll generally get it myself, but I have NEVER felt ungrateful for receiving anything because I just feel so blessed for someone having gifted me anything

**What patterns – TOK and otherwise are you on the lookout for?**

I actually own a lot of them I have the book and the Quit Pattern 🙂 I’d love The Woodsy Association though, but I haven’t done a lot of picture knitting.

**What type of garments do you like to make?**

I have so many varied things on the needles at any time its hard to keep track, sweaters for my son, bed-socks, shawls and fingerless gloves. I vary the size, and complicatedness of the project based on what I’m doing whilst I’m knitting it.

**Just for the fun of it, in which Hogwarts House do you belong ?**

Ravenclaw Fo Sho. (My OH just said Hufflepuff and now I’m sad)

**How do you prefer your notions bags, with plenty of space to stuff things in it randomly, or well organized with several smaller pockets ?**

I have one I made, that has a needle book, stitch markers, embroidery scissors and floss and crochet hooks inside. Everything I’m not using goes in a box. I use project bags though, but they are usually plain canvas or plastic bags with no pockets, so I guess I’m too disorganised for pockets.

**How do you feel about jewellery? What about knitted or crocheted jewellery?**

Jewellery is good but I’m super choosy, I tend to go for kitsch costume jewellery with very little metal. I’m not fond of knitted or crocheted jewellery, unless its beads I guess.

**In reference to TOK patterns specifically: 
Which ones have you made for yourself?**

I’ve started making a bee-keepers quilt and I made the rosy wrist-lets back when I only crocheted.

**Would you like your spoiler to make you a TOK pattern, and if yes which ones?**

Oh gosh, I don’t know. Any of the bags, or wristee’s I guess. 😀

**Would you rather me purchase a brand of yarn you’ve already specified that you like or dye a hank just for you?**

I’d feel super special if I received a hand-dye though I worry about sending them to others. I’d be thrilled either way.

**I would love to make up a kit for you. Would you like needles and if so, what type of needles do you prefer?**

Anything but straight needles. My preference is wooden DPN’s and Circs.

**What is your dream home?**

A hobbit home, complete with height as I’m a short-house. Sprawling with lots of rooms, but dry and warmish. Land that I could work and keep animals on too.

**Do you like Christmas music? If so what kind?**

Yes. nothing too Choral, though a bit doesn’t hurt.

**What is your favorite/least favorite tea?**

My all time favourite teas are Earl Grey and Chai. I don’t think I ever met a tea I didn’t get on with. Unless it was over brewed. Ick.

**I wish I knew whether you and your family have a Yule/Christmas tree as one of your winter traditions and whether you like/use/collect holiday ornaments**

Yes we do. And we have Christmas ornaments. It’s a mishmash of child made ornaments, me made ornaments, family made ornaments, Glass baubles and figures in various colours and a few kitsch figures we’ve collected/been given over time.

**Are you, too, knitting a bee-keeper’s quilt? if so, do you have a theme or a variety?**

I am, and nothings striking me yet as it’s early days.

**what holiday tradition would you like to start, now or in the future?**

This year I’m finishing what I started last year and knitting a stocking with my partners name on. I made my son one last year, and it was lovely, so it’s his turn. They had shop bought stockings before and I had some white and red yarn laying about that was perfect for it. If I have time I’ll make one for my mum too.

**favourite way to decorate for the holidays?**

There are only two rules. Home-made is best and NO TINSEL (I’m the least hum-buggy person ever, but it’s just not to my taste)

**Would a rubber duckie have a place to float in your home or will he be washed away in a torrent of shower water?**

We only have a shower sadly 😦

**I see in your profile that you have cats. I would like to make a gift for them. Do you allow them to have catnip? And if you do, do they react to it?**

Why yes I do! Please don’t make them clothes though as I’m still healing from the last bath! Catnip is great though, in small doses as it make them super violent towards my dog, who is smaller than the cats

**What are your favorite/least favorite scents, holiday or otherwise?**

I don’t wear perfume, but I do use candles and incense sometimes. I like cinnamon, and spicy, baking smells like that for the home, as well as florals that aren’t too sweet.

**Pets? Stuffies for kids or SO?**

I don’t see why not! They are both into geeky stuff.

**Do you like fun fingernail polish and stuff to decorate your fingernails?**

No nails, well at least not enough to do anything with.

**Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or no chocolate? What about other sweets?**

No dark chocolate please, my palate is not refined enough 🙂 I LOVE Reece’s Pieces and Cups as well as Milky Bar Buttons, those are my favourites.

**what are some of your favorite holiday memories? did you have family traditions growing up? what was that one gift you asked Santa for and never got?**

Not to sound tragic but most of my happiest family memories are in the last few years. I like preparing Christmas for everyone else now, and making people as happy as I can. I love cooking and baking for people I love, and decorating the house, snuggling

**would you prefer a 12 days of Christmas type package or would you rather a package that you can open up on the big day?**

I have no idea what a 12 days of Christmas style package is, but I think I would like to open my package with everyone else 🙂

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