Making Mistakes Mine

I’ve been thinking a lot today about mistakes, and how no matter how large, I’ve always moved past them somehow. Yesterday, I was working on a domestic knitting machine, and after a lovely first try that was going very well, I tried and failed to cast on 14 times. After a break I tried again, and having no success, I called it a day. A lot of blogs I follow have talked about different aspects of their work in terms of mistakes and ‘confessions’ of bad habits. I generally pick up things quite quickly, and one of my biggest faults is that leads to a kind of false confidence which trips me up when I try new things. After working something out, I skip past and forget I ever had trouble (something I consider quite healthy), but as a result people find it hard to believe I tried to knit various times over fifteen years with no success until a few years ago.

Little man and I are having some disagreements at the moment about mistakes too, that its ok to make them but we have to accept them I order to move on, after all, look where persistence got me with the machine knitting:


I’ve had a very productive weekend all in all, I finished a test knit, soon to be released by cedarboxknits Little man isn’t sure yet, but from experience, I think I’ll be seeing him in it a lot over winter.



I also finished the ginkgo shawl from a previous post, but I want to take some lovely pics of that before I put them up, also it’s for a swap and I might not share it until that’s complete 😉

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