Old socks, new socks

I’m making my second pair of socks at the moment (for the OH without a pattern) and this blog post has summed up what I was looking for in a simple toe up mans sock and couldn’t quite put my finger on in three days of web searching. Shame I didn’t find it sooner, as my heel doesn’t have a flap, and I’ve nearly finished the first sock, but I’m now excited to start the next pair 🙂

knit the hell out

My oldest UFO finally has a finished status! These socks are for Matt. The yarn is Opal Sport in color 5103. Sadly, the yarn is discontinued.matt socks-4

It’s about 40% synthetic, which is not the most fun to knit, but I know they’ll last a decade or so. They’re also supposed to help keep the feet at a comfortable temperature, but I’m pretty sure wool has that function anyway. They were steeply discounted at Webs a couple of falls ago, so I decided to give the yarn a try.

As soon as I got them off of the needles on Tuesday night and wove in the ends, Matt slid them on his feet with the greatest satisfaction. He told me that the first time you put on a pair of hand knit socks is always the best. I adore his unbridled excitement for hand knit socks.matt socks-5

This isn’t any particular pattern…

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