Sunday Thoughts on Knitting

Kate Davies is one of my favourite designers; Owls was my first ever attempt at a sweater pattern, which sadly only succeed in teaching me the value of gauge swatching, though I fully intend to try again one day 🙂

Image Copyright Kate Davies

I recently (belatedly) discovered her blog, and was this morning treated to a wonderfully enlightening blog post about her friend Tom Van Deijnen, also known as Tom of Holland. It’s a fabulous read, and it got me thinking about how techniques can influence a creatives work. Tom specialises in becoming expert and perfecting techniques, then using them in ways that are new and exciting, because we nowadays take shortcuts to avoid them.

Image Copyright Kate Davies

I’m a research hound, and I love to learn new things, new techniques and master them. His work has really inspired me to dig deeper into my research, and the skills I use when making something. Unfortunately his class at Brighton Unwind is sold out, but I will be attending this festival (my first ever fibre festival which is pretty exciting!) in July anyway 🙂

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