FO Ziggy Mitts

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 13.15.00

I finished these mittens a while ago but MAN did this project drag on! It started with Small complaining (loudly) that he had no gloves in the schoolyard (Mortifying for a knitter as I’m sure you can imagine). Small does in fact have gloves, he was merely complaining that unlike me, he does not have hand knitted gloves. SO I set to work on these.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 13.14.13

Spot the mistake?

I had just finished knitting a pair of socks for myself, and a friend in these two colour-ways and was left with a reasonable amount of yarn in each colour. I borrowed the pattern from Mittens That Zig, and followed the instructions, minus two pattern repeats. colour-work isn’t my strong point, so this was equal parts stash-busting and practice. I’m pleased with the colour-work and think the colours also go well together, but the thumb is disproportionately small compared to the hand, which is, if anything over large. Still, they’ll keep the hands warm, which was the goal after all. I even used left overs from another project for the lace-weight lining. Small doesn’t seem to care that it’s pink, which is good because it seemed silly to buy a ball of lace-weight just for a lining which can’t have used more than 10g of yarn.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 13.14.37


Yarns used were Woolhunter Walkabout Sock in Indian Spices and Dragonfly Fiber Djinni Sock in Villainess (which is delicious). The lining is Rowan Fine Lace, not sure about the exact colour-way, the ball-band is lost long since lost.

Maybe next time I’ll finish them before Spring is nearly over. 😦

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