Goodbye 2014

I’ve been thinking about this blog a fair bit recently and I thought I should share some of that with you. It’s a bit of a Tldr. post, but I hope that if you’re interested, it might explain some of the new direction I’ll be going in on here coming into the new year.

This blog began mostly to show off some work I’d been doing at college, but to be honest that’s been too restrictive and I’ve been doing personal projects that don’t always have to do with knitting that I want to share here, so the posts are going to become a bit more varied. Part of the reason for that has been to do with a resolution I made last year to read more.

I promised myself I’d read a book a week and I smashed that target and ended up reading over 80! So this year I want to read at least 75, but to make it more interesting I’ve given myself some more specific targets.

1. No more than 10 of my total can be graphic novels.

That’s not to say they won’t be read, but I estimate that at least 20 of this years books read were graphic novels. I love reading them, but the point of setting myself a reading target was to challenge myself, and reading a graphic novel is just not challenging for me. I’m not going to apply the same restrictions to novella’s or anthologies, but we’ll see as time goes on.

2. At least 30 of my total to be authored by writers who identify as female.

27 of the books I read this year were by women, some I read more than one book by, like Susan Hill, Michelle Paver and Suzanne Collins. I discovered some authors I want to read more by, like Angela  Carter (one of my lecturers commented that she couldn’t believe I hadn’t read her, and after reading The Magic Toyshop I have to agree) and Joyce Carol Oates. I’d like to continue this trend.

3. To review some of the books I read.

I love reading, and I’m so glad I made the effort to do more of it, as it opened some doors for me this year that I didn’t expect. I’m already going to be writing some reviews this year, but I’d like to write some here, for this blog. Especially some of the knitting books I read as I feel like reading a review of a knitting book might help me to decide what to buy. I also need to develop my skills in ‘opinion forming’ for lack of a better expression.

So that’s my reading targets. As for the rest of the stuff it essentially boils down to making this blog more of a personal space, for adventures in sewing, knitting and reading. I’m starting a weight management programme on the NHS really soon, so I need a space that’s mine right now.

I’ll still be blogging my work, but primarily as images through tumblr @

Thanks for reading, and I hope this year brings great things 🙂

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