Knit update

I have been working on these FOREVER!!!


72st 3×1 ribbed socks for man feet. I’m using 2.25’s which is one down from the usual 2.5 that I usually use, in an effort to make these last longer than the last pair I made. I have only really been working on these since Christmas week, but they are so repetitive that it feels like forever.

Last year was pretty much the year I discovered sock making. I had tried when I first learned, but for whatever reason didn’t get on with it. Along with my reading goals I actually have some knitting goals to go with.

1. To knit one pair of socks a month from yarn and patterns in my stash/library.

2. To knit a sweater for my mum.

This one is actually underway, I’m making Aureus by Michele Wang in Drops Lima.


The colour is a lovely Deep Purple I know she’ll like. Her birthday is at the end of the month, so I probably won’t finish it by then, but there’s Mother’s Day, and if all else fails, Christmas?

3. To Finish my Antler Cardigan

That’s it for now. I don’t want to put too many rules in with the sock thing because I get bored so easily, but I’m definitely excited to see what this year brings.

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